Cosmic Brontausaurus School - Nepali language school  in Pokhara


The name may sounds funny and strange to anyone when one hears it. But it’s a real school that was created in 2001 in Pokhara Nepal. We are interesting school as the name is.this can be heard by the pasersby trekkers who comment saying that is is one of tyhe funniest and cute name that thay have ever seena nd we are one of the special names and we are something in then crowd of  teaching languages in nepal . we believe in  word of mouth which is more reliable, faster and  cheap way to  be known  we  apply professional  and student oriented teaching approach in the fun environmeant  and we are  grateful to our students. We  are not big name and we donot do different things, but we do it just differntly than others.this our belief and we are inspired to  keep up the school.

Anyone who is interested to learn nepali language, culture and tradition can come and be our student. we care you as very special one  which you deserve can also come to learn hindi and english[ only if you are  non english speaker and if you would like to improve your english speaking]. you can visit the classroom in lakeside or you can also learn it through skype. i[one of the dreamer of the school] in person will be available to provide can also find the informations about us from lonely planet guide book[new edition,2009, nepal]


Lonely planet guide book says that:

"cosmic brontosaurus language school[map P263,phone 00977-9846069834,,pokhara per hour 400 Nepalese Rupees. Class available from 6h00am till 19h00, offering individual or group lessons from beginners to advanced , the rather primitive classroom in a  wooden shack along the lake  is surrounded  by banana plants  and is the perfect spot to learn Nepali. with seven years' experience  working with the UN as a translator, Prem, who runs the school is a lovely guy!"


How we thought about the school?


Actually i was teaching nepali to my friends a s a amature teacher without any fixed classroom since i  came to pokhara in 1997  fro   a remote village and leant to speak english. i was really interested to leann language  from the very beginning and  and still i am .My great source of inspiration is Greg dai from australia  who appreciated  my teaching  and we started to think  of having  a catchy name for the scgool. the credit goes to greg dai who thought of the name and the logo which in few years became one of the unique signs in lakkeside where everyone si doing almost similar sort of business. like hotels, restaurants or provision is a mattrer of pleasure to tell you that in 8 years of our campaign, we are surely successful to have number of good friends and well wishers  and you all are our pride and assets.

Why cosmic brontosaurus?

As we believe in some thing diffennt that every day thing, it is our quest to give people a different flavor in thoughts. We know that we can  not have one final interpretation about it, but what we think is that the cosmos and the story of evolution is really amaziind a bout which we know too little. The more we learn the more we want to learn. by nature, we human beings are nota finished creature, we are always learning something. the mistry of cosmos is really vague, it is huge and we are a small finger tip in this vast cosmos.Brontosaurous were one of the wiser  dynosaurouses  and were vegetarian ones. t the dynosourous lived on this planet earth  before 265 millions of yeards ago  and they rulled the world. but now, they are no longer on the earth  and have become extinct . we know too little about them nor we do know much about the evolution of earth and the creaturess. wel, we have theological interpretations about the evolution of the earth and the beings. but, we can learn more only if we keeep our
mind open , thinking cosmic and being cosmic. that's why we are cosmic brontosaurus. so, come and learn with cosmic brontosaurus. you will always laugh  and enjoy your time in Nepal while you are with us. we will teach you  in fun way.


From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia.


A Brontosaurus on maneuvers in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.


The Brontosaurus is a large dinosaur between 50 and 200 feet (depending on subspecies) in length. It is commonly regarded as the most ferocious of the dinosaurs, and has played an instrumental role in many wars since it was tamed by the Jews in the late 15th century B.C. Some historians credit the Brontosaurus for singlehandedly defeating the Jesusaur during the Dinosaur Revolt. Due to it's instrumental role in defeating the avatar of God, subsequent appearances by the Brontosaurus have largely been covered up.


There are three common types of Brontosaurus, as well as many rare uncommon types. Common types of Brontosaurus include:

    * Typical Brontosaurus
    * Fire-Breathing Brontosaurus
    * A sexual Brontosaurus

While the Typical Brontosaurus is the most common form of Brontosaurus, the Fire-Breathing Brontosaurus makes up a significant percentage of the Brontosaurus population. The Fire-Breathing Brontosaurus also played a major part in Tsar Alexander II's freeing of the Serfs. The Asexual Brontosaurus is most noted for the extreme confusion it caused scientists after its discovery in 1998. Previously, some Scientists promoted theories stating that the Brontosaurus had never existed in the first place. These scientists were clearly in conspiracy with God.

Uncommon types of Brontosaurus include

* Miniature Brontosaurus
    * Spacefaring Brontosaurus
    * Charm Brontosaurus
    * Strange Brontosaurus
    * Red Bull Brontosaurus

While the Jesusaur was modeled on the Fire-Breathing Brontosaurus, it is not considered a true Brontosaur because it is sterile.

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