Grammar of Nepali Language

Nominal and verbal inflections of nepalese language


We talk of inflection when a word changes its end according to its function in the sentence. The inflection doesn't create new words, but simply derives the meaning of the original word. We talk about nominal inflection when that change affects a noun and verbal inflections when this change affects a verb.


The verbal inflections are the equivalent of conjugasion and nominal inflections are very similar to cases, very common in languages like Latin, or Russian. In English, for example, the nominal inflection is extremely simple because it only allows to distinguish the number (singular or plural) by adding an "-s" at the end of the word. In Nepalese, inflections are much more numerous and vary in relation to the function of the word in the sentence. Nepali language is special as it is easy to confuse the nominal inflection and the addition of post-position at the end of a word. Indeed, in the Devanagari script, post-positions are attached to the word they accompany.



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