To be


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I am                                                mā hũ (म हुँ)                mā chu (म छु)

You are (1st Level)                    tã hos (तँ होस्)            tã chhās (तँ छस्)

You are (2nd Level)                   timi haũ (तिमी हौ)      timi chau (तिमी छौ)

You (3rd Level)                          tāpaï hunuhunchhā      (same as for the noun)

                                                        (तपार्इ हुनुहुन्छ)

You (4th Level)                          hājur hunuhunchhā      (same as for the noun)

                                                        (हजुर हुनुहुन्छ)

He/she is (1st Level)                  u ho (ऊ हो)                   u chhā (ऊ छ)

He/she is (2nd Level)                 uni hun (उनी हुन)       uni chhin/chhān (उनी छिन/छन्)

He/she is (3 - 4 level)              wāhã hunuhunchhā      (same as for the noun)

                                                        (वहाँ हुनुहुन्छ)

We are                                         haami (haamihāru ) haũ        haami (haamihāru ) chau

                                                        (हामी हामीहरू हौँ)        (हामी हामीहरू छौ)


You are (2nd Level)                   timihāru haũ             timihāru  chaũ

                                                        (तिमीहरू हौ)                  (तिमीहरू छौ)

You are (3rd Level)                   tāpaïhāru hunuhunchhā   (same as for the noun)

                                                        (तपार्इहरू हुनुहुन्छ)                     

You are (4th Level)                   hājurhāru hunuhunchhā  (same as for the noun)

                                                        (हजुरहरू हुनुहुन्छ)                      

They are (1st- 2nd level)                         unihāru hun                unihāru  chhān

                                                        (उनीहरू हुन)                   (उनीहरू छन्)                 


They are (3rd - 4 th level)                 wāhãhāru hunuhunchhā    (same as for the noun)

                                                        (वहाँहरू हुनुहुन्छ)


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