kāti how much: Depending on the question we want to ask, the vocabulary needs to be adapted accordingly. Here are the main words you might need to express the phrases “how much” or “how many.”


kāti païsa ho? (कति पैसा हो ?) or kāti parchhā? (कति पर्छ ?)  How much does it cost?

a) ek kaalo chyaa ko kāti païsaa ho?        

How much does a black tea cost?

एक कालो चियाको कति पैसा हो ?

b) internet-ko ek ghānTaa ko kāti païsaa ho?   

What’s the cost for one hour of Internet access?

इन्टरनेटको एक घन्टाको कति पैसा हो ?


kāti taadhaa chhā?                                       How far?

कति टाढा छ ?

a) yāhãbaaTā kāti TaaDhaa chhā?  How far is it from here?

यहाँवाट कति टाढा छ ?

b) baagl’ung kāti TaaDhaa chhā?    How far is Baglung?

बाग्लुङ कति टाढा छ ?


kāti+ sāmāyā+ laagchhā                  How much time does it take?

कति + समय + लाग्छ

a) chiyaa paaknā kāti sāmāyā laagchhā.  

How much time does it take to prepare the tea?

चिया पाक्न कति समय लाग्छ ?

b) kaaThmaanDu jaanā kāti sāmāyā laagchhā.

How much time does it take to go to Kathmandu?

काठमाण्डौं जान कति समय लाग्छ ?


kāti pātāk (कति पटक)               How many times?

a) tāpaï nepaal-maa kāti pāTāk aaeko?   

How many times have you been to Nepal?

तपार्इ नेपाल कति पटक आउनुभएको छ ?

b) tāpaï hārek din kāti pāTāk daalbaat khaannuhunchhā?

How many times a day do you eat daalbaat?

तपार्इ हरेक दिन कति पटक दालभात खानुहुन्छ ?


kāti jānaa (कति जना)                          How many people…?

a) tāpaï-ka kāti-jānaa chhoraa-chhori chhān?

How many children do you have?

तपार्इका कति जना छोराछोरी छन् ?

b) yo grup-maa kāti kāti-jānaa chhān?    

How many persons are in that group?

यो ग्रुपमा कति जना मान्छे छन् ?


kāti oTaa कति वटा                               How many things?

a) tāpaï-sāngā kāti-oTaa kalam chhān?   

How many pencils do you have?

तपार्इसगँ कतिवटा कलम छ ?

b) yo shāhār-maa kāti-oTaa hotel-hāru chhān?

How many hotels are in that town?

यो शहरमा कतिवटा होटलहरू छन् ?

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