Conjugation of “we” in simple present tense in Nepali


Conjugation of haami – हामी : Even though the two personal pronouns that you’ll use most frequently, “mā – and “tāpaï - तपार्इ{FF” are important, you should also focus on “haami -हामी_- we.” Please note that “haami- हामी _ and “haamihāru  हामीहरूare equivalent and can be used interchangeably. Nevertheless, “haamihāru- हामीहरूis usually describing a larger group.


a) haami bholi taas khelchhāũ.             

We play cards tomorrow.

हामी भोली तास खेल्छौ ।

b) haami bholi himaal chaaDhchhāũ.            

We climb the mountain tomorrow.

हामी भोली हिमाल चढ्छौ ।

c) haami aajā ghār-maa bāschhāũ.                

We stay at home.

हामी आज घरमा बस्छौ ।

d) haami bholi ghumnā jaanchhāũ.               

We go sightseeing tomorrow.

हामी भोली घुम्न जान्छौ ।

e) haami timilaï phone garchhāũ.                  

We call you.

हामी तिमीलार्इ फोन गर्छौ ।

f) haami païsaa-binaa pāni khaanā sākchhāũ.  

We can even eat without money.

हामी पैसा बिना पानी खान सक्छौ ।

e) binaa mobile pāni haami kuraa gārnā sākchhāũ.

We can talk even without a cell phone.

बिना मोवाइल पनि हामी कुरा गर्न सक्छौ ।

g)  haami hārek bihaana hiDchhāũ.              

We walk every morning.

हामी हरेक बिहान हिड्छौ ।






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