“without” in Nepali language


While English uses small word placed before the words it accompanies, Nepali use a different way. There fore we talk about “postposition” when referring those small words that are added to the word it accompanies. “-binaa” is one of them.


Postposition binaa – बिना:” Positioned at the end of the word, “-binaa” means “without.” Note the presence of the particle “ko- को ” in most of the following examples.


a) mā timi-binaa bāsnā sākchhu.                   

I can’t live without you.

म तिमी बिना बस्न सक्दिन ।

b) hiũ-binaa-ko himaal hũdaïna.                   

There is no mountain without snow.

हिउँ बिनाको हिमाल हुदैँन ।

c) wāhã paani-binaa  khaanuhunnā.  

He/She doesn’t eat without water.

वहाँ पानी बिना खानुहुन्न ।

d) mero buwaa roxy binaa sutnuhunnā.      

My father doesn’t sleep without alcohol.

मेरो बुवा रक्सी बिना सुत्नुहुन्न ।

e) myaad-binaa-ko ausādhi kaam chhāïnā.

Medicines without an expiry date are not good.

म्याद बिनाको औषधी काम छैन ।

f) maayaa-binaa-ko jibān rāmaïlo chhāïnā.

A life without love is not interesting.

माया बिनाको जिवन रमार्इलो छैन ।

g) binaa-chini-ko chiyaa raamro chhā.        

Tea without sugar is good.

बिना चिनीको चिया राम्रो छ ।

h) iskul-binaa-ko jibān raamro chhāïnā.     

A life without school is not interesting.

स्कुल बिनाको जिवन राम्रो छैन ।

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